Federal EEO Complaint

Federal EEO Complaint

Are you an employee of a federal government agency, such as:
United States Postal Services
United States Citizenship and Immigration  Services
Transportation Securities Administration (TSA)
Employees in Air Force Bases, Army Bases, Naval Bases…
Department of Energy, Transportation, Agriculture, Homeland Security, FBI…etc.

If you are viewing this page and are considering an EEO complaint, you may be TOO LATE. The EEO law requires you to file your EEO complaints within 45 days of the alleged discriminatory action or effective date of the personnel action.

If you already filed your EEO complaint with the EEO office or have not yet filed an EEO complaint, we can help.

You need an attorney who does not just litigate employment discrimination cases.   Attorney Ray Hsu, not only knows the EEO process inside out, he personally wrote both the summary judgment decisions and hearing decisions for the Administrative Judges of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commissionadjudicating EEO cases.  Attorney Ray Hsu had assisted Administrative Judges of the EEOC with numerous cases including race, gender, and religion discrimination and EEO retaliation cases.  Attorney Ray Hsu is not your ordinary employment discrimination attorney, he also worked on the EEO litigations behind the scene, including mediation and settlement conferences.

Contact Attorney Ray Hsu for immediate legal assistances with your EEO complaints.  Contact Attorney Ray Hsu if you filed a complaint with the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board(MSPB).