Workers' Compensation Retaliation

Were you terminated or forced to quit after you filed your workers’ compensation claims?
It is bad enough to have work injury, and now your employer does not even want to hire you anymore?

Does your employer terminate you for the reasons they told you or their reasons were pretext for retaliation?

The workers compensation programs provides a no-fault system to compensate your injuries at work.  In other words, you are barred from certain claims for workplace injuries due to violence and claims for emotional distress damages that you would have been able to sue.
Attorney Ray Hsu is not your ordinary workers' compensation retaliation attorney.  Attorney Ray Hsu assisted the Administrative Judges of the
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to work on EEO retaliation cases.  Attorney Ray Hsu also assisted the Administrative Law Judge of the U.S. Department of Laboradjudicating workers’ compensation and retaliation cases. Attorney Ray Hsu is not just a plaintiff or defense lawyer, he worked on retaliation cases behind the scene.

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For the Employer
Do you have an employee who sued you for worker’s compensation retaliation despite his deficient job performances, attitude…etc.?  Were you suspecting that your employees who claimed workers’ compensation benefits might be "out to get you?"  Contact Attorney Ray Hsu to understand the retaliation scheme behind the scene and Attorney Ray Hsu will provide you legal defense and preventive strategies to protect your business.
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