Workplace Sexual Harassment

Are you a victim of sexual harassment at work?
Does your boss, supervisor and/or, co-worker enjoy offensive touching without your permission?
Does the management imply that you need to have sexual relationship with them before you can be promoted?

Or, have you rejected their sexual advances and they already made the workplace miserable for you?


Sexual Harassment is not limited your supervisors' actions against you.  Sexual harassment can be from co-workers, customers, and other management personnel.  Sexual Harassment can be verbal, physical, graphical, and mental.  Sexual Harassment can be from the same gender or different sexual orientation.  No matter which forms sexual harassment takes, it will for sure make your work life depressed and hostile.  Do not let sexual harassment put a miserable end to your career!

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Non-Sexual Harassment

Sometimes, your employers, supervisors, and co-workers gave you extraordinary hard time at work not because of their sexual desire for you, but because of your race, nationality, religion, or even sexual orientation.  You need an expert to evaluate whether you have a discrimination claim.  Sometimes, it is very difficult for both the clients and attorneys to appreciate the differences between unfair treatment and illegal discrimination. Attorney Ray Hsu can provide you insights into the non-sexual harassment.  You may not want to sue, but you at least should know what you are up against.

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For the Employer:

Sexual Harassment lawsuit can be one of the most costly legal expenses you can ever afford.  Act immediately if you suspect any harassment among your employees.  Your supervisors and managers’ harassment will be imputed to your company. Attorney Ray Hsu also provides legal defense for the employers against frivolous sexual harassment allegations against your company.  Contact Attorney Ray Hsu for free consultation to make your workplace sexual harassment free.  Attorney Ray Hsu also provides sexual harassment education and seminars to educate your employers and employees.
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