Workplace Discrimination

Everybody knows that an employer cannot discriminate an employee based on race, gender, religion, national origin, age, pregnancy, and disability.  But, do you know the true forms of discrimination in the 21st century?
Will any employer still openly discriminate and tell you that you are terminated/disciplined/demoted because of your race, gender, religion, national origin, age, pregnancy, and disability?
Discrimination often goes undetected:

1. A male co-worker was promoted, but the other female co-worker candidate with better qualifications for the promotion was not;

2. An Asian employee was suspended for three days for alleged misconduct, but other non-Asian employees who committed the same misconduct were never disciplined or suspended;

3. Right after you told your employer your plan to get pregnant, duty to take time off for religious practices, or suspected disability, you were terminated for the reason that your job performances were NEVER SATISFACTORY?!

4. A restaurant employer has an English-only policy.  You were disciplined for speaking your native language at work, while other Asian/Latino/White/Black employees were free to speak their own native languages at work, just not your kind?

5. Your employer wants you to pass a job test for promotion/hiring.  The job test is unrelated to the actual job descriptions, and the employer always gets the kind of employees he or she wants, just not YOU?

And the stories go on……

If you ever wonder “why” to the above stories, you are stepping into the realm of the Employment Discrimination Laws.  The above examples do not mean that those employees will prevail in their employment discrimination claims.  Attorney Ray Hsu will help you analyze your own cases and provide you with free legal consultations and evaluations for your potential discrimination claims.  The law generally requires you to act within 300 days to one year of the alleged discriminatory events.
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California Protections Against Discrimination

California law prohibits discrimination based on your sexual orientation.  Do not let sexual orientation jeopardize your career opportunities.  Attorney Ray Hsu will keep your information in confidence and will make extra effort to protect your privacy.  Nobody has to know that you are a LGBT, but the employer will pay if your employer chose to discriminate against you based on your sexual orientation.
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For the Employer

Law Offices of Ray Hsu is not just a plaintiff side employment law firm.  Attorney Ray Hsu wants to assist employers facing frivolous employment discrimination lawsuits.  Do not let certain employees blackmail your company with a lawsuit.  While Attorney Ray Hsu was externing for the Administrative Law Judges of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the U.S. Department of Labor, Attorney Ray Hsu drafted numerous summary judgment decisions for the judges all in favor of employers.
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