Workplace Retaliation

California Protections Against Retaliation

California law prohibits retaliation if you objected your employer’s illegal conduct to a government agency or sometimes just to your employer.  The law may protect you even if you just told your employer that you intend to sue your employer for discrimination.

If you objected to your employer’s illegal conduct, such as filing false reports to the Department of Motor Vehicles, defrauding insurance companies, falsifying financial reports to the Securities and Exchange Commissions, and your employer retaliated against you, Contact Attorney Ray Hsu to free consultations.

For the Employer:

Law Offices of Ray Hsu is not just a plaintiff-side employment law firm.  Attorney Ray Hsu wants to assist employers facing frivolous employment discrimination lawsuits.  Do not let certain employees blackmail your company with a lawsuit.  While Attorney Ray Hsu was externing for the Administrative Law Judges of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the U.S. Department of Labor, Attorney Ray Hsu also drafted numerous summary judgment decisions for the judges all in favor of employers.  Contact Attorney Ray Hsu immediately for legal assistances.